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slowly getting back after refurnishing my flat, sorry for the late reply

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
1. There is no official unicode build, unless someone steps up you will never see an official unicode build. I don't think it is a good idea to support the fork so I will not provide builds for it ATM
i know unicode isn't official, but unlike the official build it makes the impression of progressing. despite svn commits, there haven't been new versions in two years - and isn't that against the open source mantra of "release often, release early"? even a service release with updated plugins would be better than no release and would send a sign to developers that are uncertain about nsis' future and tend to switch to the unicode build. anyway, this is to be discussed elsewhere.

2. I don't control the internet (sorry), but the download on the main wiki page should work
i was only referring to the experimental build, which you might give away via irc only. thanks to the wiki's history, one can access some older versions of the uac plugins and despite an annoying visual glitch one older version is doing the job for me (and it comes in ansi and unicode flavors)

i'm not always happy with plugin maintenance in general. i'd like to see some guidelines for developers that suggest certain ways of how to publish a plugin (e.g. use of wiki pages, version history including downloads for old versions, licensing, availability of source code, documentation standards)

3. Did you look in UAC.nsh?
i did due to the lack of documentation. needless to say this isn't ideal, which is why i'd like to see old versions of the plugin still being available for download (without digging through the wiki history) and a newer version without documentation marked experimental/beta/etc.

The load screen is only there to deal with loss of focus in .oninit and the icon was the best I could do (What do you suggest the status message should say?)
in a sense i don't really care what it says, as i probably wouldn't have the time to read it. i don't how this is different on slow computers, but if the banner appears there should be some feedback on what is going on. so why not just put a status message saying what's actually happening (e.g. "executing setup with elevated rights")
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