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repeating last X seconds after pause/play a audio file

I can see no option, neither a pluging to do that, but maybe somebody knows how to do it.

Here what I am trying to do,

I am using winamp to play some recording that I want to transcribe, not only because it is my default player, but because is very convenient with the media keys.

But when pause and play back, a little second is lost and a word in missed, then is necessary to rewind the five seconds to listen again (click on winamp, and one press left key, and click back to word). When you do this a thousand time, yes it becomes an hassle (and a waste of time)

Can be done a configuration or a plugin exist that will allow an "automatic" rewind of 2 seconds each time the pause / play is used ?. That would be great !!

any input, will be highly appreciated.
thanks in advance.
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