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made his slipknot mask in woodwork class
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Well I think I'd be Joey Jordison.

Name: Nathan Jonas Jordison
Number: 1
Nickname: Joey is sometimes called "SuperBall" because after a show which he felt Slipknot playedhorrible he was all over the place being hyper and upset.
*Real name: Nathan Jonas Jordison.
*He's the lead drummer
*He's the shortest
*He was one of the original members of Slipknot, and drummed for MFKR
*He was in the band Anal Blast before joining.
*He's the most talkative of the group.
*He created the term 'Maggot', (a Slipknot fan).
*He writes a lot of their songs, including Scissors.
*He mixed the self titled album.
*He's the most talkative member.
*Joey attained the nickname "Superball" after one show that Slipknot played horrible in, so he got mad and started "bouncing around the room".
*He has an obsession with Fiona Apple.
*Joey's birthday is on the 26th of April, he was born in 1977.
*Before he joined the band, he worked in a music store called "Music Land" during the day.And during the evenings he worked at a gas station called "Sinclair's"
*Eye colour: Blue
*Height: 5,4 (he says he's 5,6 but he's 5,4)
*Weight: 130ibs
Mask: Joey wears an expressionless Japanese Kabuki mask, some blank and some with scars paintedacross the forehead and mouth. He cuts off the arm and leg sleeves of the Slipknot outfit so he can move more freely while drumming. Why he chose his mask: "My mom had that type of mask and one time when I came home really late, she was waiting for me. She came around the corner in the mask on and this robe- it scared the living fuck out of me"
What exact even encouraged Joey to involve himself in Metal? Joey started his passion in 1982 at the age of six, having seen a news report stating that a metal star had bitten the head off of a bat the night before. "I immediately thought that Ozzy ruled". Soon after he bought the "Blizzard of Oz" album and the Sickness had started. "It hasn't left me to this day, It was meant to be. It was almost like Ozzy bit the head off a bat to pass the torch way early on, to another sick band."
Hobbies: "It is pretty much covered by music 24/7. Aside from that, maybe video games, sleeping and sex."
Quote: "Ross (Robinson) is insane! Once, when we were recording here, he threw a potted plant at me. It exploded on the wall over my head and the dirt went in my mouth. It was awesome."
"Joey, number 1 and I play drums"
Joey's first drumset. he got this in 5th grade, having previously played guitar in some old primary school bands. The drum set came to him as a surprise gift from his parents; they had asked him to go into the basement in search of an "Elton John" tape, to Joey's astonishment within the basement he found a fully set up drum kit.

Orange County Drums and Percussion Drum set with Black Serpentine with black powder coating Type 1finish and another one with a maple finish and purple see-through drum shells for the blacklights he sticks in them. He uses Paiste Rude Classic Cymbals, because they are loud, raw sounding, and are heavy. He uses Tama Iron Cobra bass pedals with extra tight tensioning, those pedals are preffered by him because of the smoothness and the accuracy. The rest of his hardware and racks are Tama. His drumset alone cost more than $10,000.00 with his drums, hardware, and cymbals.

- OCDP (Acrylic or Maple)
- 7x8 Rack Tom
- 8x10 Rack Tom
- 9x12 Rack Tom
- 14x14 Floor Tom (On His Left Side)
- 16x16 Floor Tom
- 18x18 Floor Tom
- (2)20x22 Bass Drums
- 7x12 30-Ply Snare Drum
- Easton AHEAD Sticks
- Remo Heads
- Tama Rack and Stands
- Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Pedals
- Paiste Rude 14" Crash/Ride
- Paiste Rude 14" Hi-Hats
- Paiste Rude 16" Crash/Ride
- Paiste Rude 18" Crash/Ride
- Paiste Rude 10" Splash (Inverted)
- Paiste Rude 20" Power Ride
- Paiste Rude 20" China
- Paiste Rude 20" Ride/Crash
ther Bands. In his freshman year, in Waukee High; Joey was part of a band named, "Avanga". However due to a lack of motivation from other members, Joey looked elsewhere - Music was his only escape.
Joey soon started a new band with neighbour Tim, "Modifidious". It was a "speed-metal-thrash" band and 15 songs were written in quick succession. Soon a bassist, Ryan, was found along with a guitarist named Jay (formerly of Avanga). The band, with new guitarist Bruce, had their headlining slot as a support to Jim's band, "Atomic opera" at the Runway. Bruce soon left Modifidious to join Atomic Opera and as a result a new guitarist was required, he arrived through Ryan. His name was Craig. Then another drop out came to Joey's band; Tim left in the summer of '92. Josh soon left his band to join Modifidious as a vocalist and filling Tim's spot.
This new line up soon put out a quick demo which was recorded within Joey's basement and mixed in Craig's house. It held the name of, "Visceral". Following this demo in 1993, the band played a few shows with a band that Shawn was in called, "Heads on the Wall". This was followed by another demo, "Mud Fuschia" and later a CD, "Sprawl". By this CD, Joey claimed the band was, "Kings of Des Moines", pulling up to 200 people per show and playing lots of performances shows.
However the band began to go down hill with the new grunge wave and loosing popularity of Thrash opposed to Death Metal. The new Des Moines band had become Body Pit, Paul's new band. Due to a lack of interest the band broke up in 1995. For a while, Joey played guitar in the band "The Rejects" with head lining vocalist nicknamed, "Dizzy".
Joey also played in a band called, "Anal Blast" however Joey did not leave his band, Modifidious for this and it was deemed more of a side project. Joey was tempted to join.

Attatchment: Joey performs his solos at a 90 degree angle.
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