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Normal AVS Code -> loop() code translator

I wrote a little program that I think one of you might be able to use
It takes any (valid) AVS code and transforms it into either
- a nicely readable 1 assignment/command per line form,
- a not so nicely readable 1 assign()/command per line form
- a mix of assign()s and exec3()s which will most likely be unreadable but compatible to loop()
All of these forms are equivalent and as syntactically correct as the input

You can then use the code in the following form:

loop(n, <output of my program>);

You can also use the generated code for if blocks if you want

if(cond, <output of my program for the true branch>, <output of my program for the false branch>);

I provided the source (VB6) so you can alter the program to suit your needs or even improve it
Just give me credit if you use it in an AVS

You will need a VB6 runtime DLL (msvbvm60.dll) for this!
[edit]You can download it here[/edit]
[edit]I removed the OLE automation stuff so you only need msvbvm60.dll now.[/edit]
[edit]changed the interface a bit [/edit]
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