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Originally posted by Ravager
What do people who have IP's that change....
that depends. if you use a router, then it makes no difference. your external IP might change (be "dynamic") but your internal one (for your PC) will stay the same, usually something like

Use the internal one in the config of the shoutcast plugin and it'll be fine, as shoutcast will "find" the external one no matter what it is.

Something that i noticed that would help ANYONE running shoutcast - you don't need to stipulate an IP in the plugin, just your PC's name. If you don't know that, go to (in XP) control panel | performance and maintainence | see basic info about your computer. In the tab computer name, it tell you what it is.

If you use the name rather than the IP, no matter if you use a router or not, XP will know the correct IP address!
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