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Jeez, I should have known that there would be apes I don't have. here's a list of all the ones I've come across I suppose they are pretty common after all. (I never even heard of 'stickman').

3d.ape meatballs3d.ape
AddBorder.ape multifilter.ape
amoeba.ape multiplier.ape
avs_edge.ape NegativeStrobe.ape
avsgrabber.ape pfavs.ape
colormap.ape picture2.ape
convolution.ape player2.ape
conway.ape RGBfilter.ape
flame.ape saver.ape
flock.ape ScreenReverse.ape
fluid.ape slideshow.ape
FramerateLimiter.ape texer.ape
firewurx.ape texer2.ape
ifs.ape triangle.ape

Obviously I listed 'narrow purpose' apes and ones already integrated into winamp. I am a newbie, so I don't remember all the apes that may have been around over the last few years. Also obviously, I am going to need help on this. I suggest we all list all the apes we can think of and then a couple of people will have to go back and clean up the list, and then finally any apes that are not actually owned by someone here will have to be searched out, or at least find out for sure if they exist anymore. (I had a bitch of a time finding tv.) Oh, and incidentally, my idea was to collect ALL the apes we can. Yes negative strobe looks crappy and is easily accomplished by other means, so are tv and conway for that matter. I thought the list should be more comprehensive than 'useful'. (I can't even get 'ifs.ape' to apply. It crashes my winamp every single time.)

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