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Aww, is that nice Tuggummi? I never said it was a 'good' or even a useful idea. I'm running it up the flagpole to see who salutes, that's all. Some people seem to find it an interesting enough idea to be discussing it. I'm sorry you don't feel the same. Gee, I hope everybody doesn't drop out now because the Great Tuggummi thinks it's stupid. (Tugg, I am still a fan.) I am the first to admit I'm noob, but I daresay even the best AVSer was once a newbie. Except maybe PAK-9 and UCD.

Anyway...Yes, back to the topic at hand. Once I get the ones I missed I will go back and put them in alpha order (I had them that way, but I tried to list them in collums. Obviously it didn't work. Hence the 2 posts. I always forget about the little edit button, damnit. I will go look for those 2 apes, ^..^ unless you yourself have them?

'A googolplex is precisely as far from infinity as is the number matter what number you have in mind, infinity is larger.' -Carl Sagan
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