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Hmm . . . I've gotta say that it's usually a dodgy plugin that causes that error message.
But it's rare that it happens with the default setup, especially after a clean reinstall.

Does it make any difference if you use WaveOut or DirectSound output?

Have you tried changing any settings?
eg. in Prefs -> Display
Uncheck : Always show clutterbar | use Winamp styled cursors
In Prefs -> Options : make sure the process priority slider is set to "Normal"
Prefs -> Plugins : priority slider = Normal | uncheck "Auto execute vis on play"
Main window : try disabling built-in vis by toggling/(double)clicking.

It could be one little incompatible setting somewhere that's to blame.

Make sure you've got the latest drivers for soundcard & videocard.

What version of DirectX do you have? (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\DXDIAG.EXE)
The default with Win98 is v6.1, though you should consider upgrading to v7.0a
Don't bother with v8 just yet, it's still in its buggy development stages.

Also, what other programs do you have running concurrently?
Any multimedia types that may be trying to access the soundcard?
Any firewall software or something like Norton Crashguard?

I'm clutching at straws a little, but it's the only way to troubleshoot . . .
. . . process by elimination method.

It's also possible that Windows itself is to blame, especially if you frequently install a lot of new programs. Maybe some essential Windows\System files have been replaced by incompatible versions?

For more info / possible tips:
Check this thread from Tech Support Greatest Hits & follow the links from there.
[RE: "Kernel32.dll Error" section]

Good luck!
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