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Winamp 2.75 full will crash every time Norton Utils 2001(5.00.28 07-00-02864) start speed disk
in other drive (D:\ for example)

How to reproduce the crash:
1 - start winamp
2 - insert a cd full of mp3
3 - in winamp select "add file/add dir"
4 - select the CDROM ( g:\ in my case )
5 - start playing cd.
6 - select an other drive than CDROM ( C:\ for example )
7 - Start Speed Disk in that drive.

System will crash and become very unstable, a blue
screen will show up with:

error 0E in 0028:C16EF4A9 on VXD SD32VxD(01)+000007A9

Sometimes a menu pop up with some registers information about
"WINAMP cause a crash in module KERNEL32.DLL etc.etc", i did not
copy all the information becose Windows some times restart by him self
or the monitor become all black. But i'm sure that the system will crash!!

And after that crash, scan disk will report a lost chain ( i dont know what a hell this means ) in
drive C:\ and windows will not shutdown right, even if you recover with scandisk or other soft :-(

OS: Microsoft Windows 98 (4.10, Build 2222) A(Windows98SE)
Language: Portuguese (Regional Setting: Portuguese)(Brazil)
Processor: Intel Pentium III, ~600MHz
Memory: 256MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 8.0 (
Audio: SoundBlaster LIVE! Platinum (
Video: ATI ALL IN WONDER 128 PRO.(AGP) ( (English))
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