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First of all, thanks to the SHOUTrds team for releasing 2.0 beta 1.

I would like to reply to the 7.html thing.

Okay, I agree with removing it but then the index.html page need some fixing.
Currently most radio stations read the "Current Song:" info from the 7.html, so they all need to change but... oke.

Now, when I have a songtitle of for example: <a href="">google</a> (and now I hope this forum doesn't remove that link because it's part of the explaination) or you have other characters like <, and > or %, !, # etc in your songtitle (e.g. when using OtsDJ software or SHOUTrds software) this characters will need conversion to html like %20 for a space and &lt for less then because else you are able to "songtitle" html to index.html which will mess-up a script wich would read the songtitle by looking for the word "current song:" till </b> at the end of the songtitle thing to get the songtitle.

And yes, i've seen some stations using < and > and so on...

Added an image of an example of what I mean using SHOUTrds and the SHOUTcast status page showing a google logo through song info.

(had to cut the image to fit the sizelimit of the forum)
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