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Exclamation lame NSIS downloader bug.

it seems that this is entirely a NSIS problem. NSIS 2.22 on uqm, 2.4 (as I remember) on IMVU. KAV has a weird conflict with the downloader part of NSIS. In case of UQM, you can download the source kits separately and then just specify a source folder. In case of OpenTTD, installing source kits is a bit complicated, but you can buy it of e.q.
I don't know about how to install mods in Warzone 2100, but still you can play the normal mode without modifications. In case of IMVU, you can't download the archive manually, and the installer does not offer an option to retry the download. Communities of the projects don't seem to respond, IMVU support suggests to close the AV for installation process (too risky). IMVU seemed to be the only non-open project to utilize NSIS download tool, that is why I asked.
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