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Using MilkDrop for You Tube

Originally Posted by Nitorami View Post
Can't access your sound samples because quicktime shite does not work for me but anyway, don't think this should be a problem. There were similar requests before, see
Really appreciate that.... do you know, does this apply also to the 'Advanced Visualization Studio' ?

Not sure why the sample demos didnt work, most of them are in .MP3 file format, and can be played via any media player.

If you go to the main site, and click the 'TRY' button on that page, all the mp3 files there should work fine in WinAmp

However, if that isnt working properly and/or if more samples are desired, this is a direct access and download link for about 30 different alternate tracks ;

Your support honestly is very humanitarian, and I am honored by those souls willing to lend me an honest and heartful hand. The work Ive been involved with is meant soley to be an instrument to lift people up in a concrete way and to shine positive healing light into their lives.

The frequency tracks I create are embedded with complex geometric topologies that represent emotional and mental states in consciousness.

When designing them, I know what the landscape of the complex domain of the data set
'looks' like and when people report back the effects they experience and I can dynamically witness the effectiveness of my design in relation to their experienced outcome - Im always gratified...

However, Ive wanted to be able to share beautiful visuals with people for the last few years when they listen to my tracks so they can get a taste of the visual richness of the embedded audio geometries

John from ;

Contacted me about a year or so ago, a casual new associate of mine, we've both studied and applied Cymatic principles into our work vis a vis Hans Jenny's ( Chladni's) principles...

The cymascope would be a very good way to exhibit my tracks, but John hasnt yet put together a mechanism to facilitate this, and when I saw what Milk Drop was capable of render wise, I realized that a significant amount of the sensation could be delivered through this means

Its exciting actually, because Milk Drop seems to be very good at assigning shape and form to highly subjective music pieces, however, my actual music pieces HAVE objective geometric forms within them so the marriage between these two should be really exquisite....

Thanks again!

Kind Regards

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