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Win7 freezes when trying to play files which have been moved

-Winamp: 5.6 (x86) - clean install
-System specs (mobo, cpu, ram): Asus P7P55D-E, Intel Core i7 - 870, 4 GB Kit Kingston ValueRAM PC10700 DDR3
-Winamp Language Pack used: German (original Winamp language pack)
-Windows OS, including Service Packs & Locale: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Build 7600, German, no SP but latest updates
-Video Card, Video Card Drivers version: EVGA GeForce GTX460 SC - 768 MB, NVIDIA ForceWare 260.99
-Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers version: onboard (VIA® VT1828S),
-DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag): DX11

-Third party plugins: none
-Used skin: Winamp Media Player 11 v1.0 (third party)

Method of repdroduction:
1) Add songs into Winamp (Drag & Drop or 'Open')
2) Close Winamp
3) Move or delete the tracks previsouly added to playlist
4) Start Winamp and play any of the tracks (which have been deleted but still in playlist)
5) Winamp causes Windows to crash. It hangs where you can not run any other software; if try to start task manager screen turns black after some and desktop comes back after some seconds but Windows still does not respond so only restart helps

- Freeze also occurs when double clicking an .m3u file with MP3 files which are not available (for e.g. moved to other folder or located in USB drive not connected)
- Problem is the same with default Winamp modern skin and Winamp default English language pack.
- Tried to run Winamp with Windows 7 compatibility settings but this results in a "Guru Meditation" error

[Edit -> DJ Egg]
For now, the workaround is to switch off the Repeat All feature.
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