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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
Hmm, which 3rd-party plugins?
We don't support any of them here.
Hence why a valid bug report must confirm a clean install without ANY 3rd-party plugins.

My main system is Win7 64-bit Ultimate
and I don't have any problems.

At a guess, it could be the dll rebaser (the "Optimizing..." process towards the end of installation)
which some 3rd-party plugins are incompatible with, and therefore cause a crash on Winamp launch...?

Seeing some internal reports about gen_lyrics.dll
This is a 3rd-party plugin and unsupported (bug reports here are invalid).
Remove it and report the problem to the plugin author.

Though I'd still appreciate it if someone could provide us with a download link for said plugin.

If it's the dll rebaser to blame, then I guess we really should look at excluding certain 3rd-party plugins....
Thanks to DJ Egg and the tech support I can now run Winamp 5.6, finally. The problem in my case was the old gen_lyrics.dll plugin. I just removed the dll file and Winamp runs all fine. Maybe that is of any help to you guys as well.

Winamp, DJ Egg and the whole crew FTW!

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