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There seems to be a problem with the latest Winamp not picking up embedded cover art in mp3 files. I have not yet discovered a pattern for which files, but it's only some files. And for all theese files, cover arts shows up in an older version of winamp (from last year).

Also various other software can detect cover art in them (Mediamonkey, Mp3Tag, Songbird...etc) and I have not added cover art to them in any different way. In fact, the way I batch-add cover arts to my files is proof they are all added the same way. And the files in question are not modified from before I upgraded Winamp. The only difference is the Winamp version.

It also does not matter if I add the said files to the library or not. They still have no cover art. And the files have no special characters and the like.

Maybe some certain id3 version bug? (my files vary heavily between id3v1, v2.3 & v2.4)

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