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Annoying Shuffle Bug

Winamp 5.601 (build 3091)
Clean install, no 3rd-party skins or plug-ins
Skin: Classic (Maybe on others too)

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 (32-bit)

Current song changes when shuffle is turned ON (Shuffle hotkey: S)

Method of Reproduction:
1. Open Winamp.
2. Have musics on your playlist (Five or more is fine).
3. Make your main window visible if not already (Hotkey: ALT+W).
4. Make sure Winamp is stopped (Not paused or playing) (Stop hotkey: V).
5. Turn shuffle ON (If it is already on, then turn OFF then ON again).
And current song will change.

Also note that this isn't reflected on Winamp's playlist, which keeps highlighted the same song while main window's song changes.

PS1: This is repeatable doing step 5 more times (Keep turning shuffle off and on).
PS2: It doesn't matter if you click shuffle button or use hotkey "S".

Note that in order to use non-global hotkeys, Winamp must be "selected". (Just click anywhere on it)

In my opinion, just turning shuffle on should not change the current song, and I'm pretty sure that previous versions didn't showed this behavior. It's annoying sometimes.
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