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URL + DSP + Advert:

I was approved for the SHOUTcast Free Streaming Service but have not been able to connect. I emailed but haven't recieved a response yet so I thought maybe someone might have some insight.

According to the Welcome Email the Server URL is I replaced "localhost" in the DSP with this URL, left the Port at 8000 (since the new Port is the same) and replaced the the password with my RMO password. The DSP changed from Not Connected to Connecting then after a second back to Not Connected. Later I noticed in the RMO that the Live URL is listed as instead. So I then tried this URL but the same result. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Also the Welcome Email indicates that all SHOUTcast v2 encoders are supported. However, I broadcast with "OtsAV DJ" software which is only fully compatible with DSP 1.9.0. Although streaming is possible with DSP 2.0.0 the "Title Updates" don't work (none of the later DSPs work at all). What is the disadvantage of using DSP 1.9.0 or will it not work at all? I did test DSP 2.0.0 as well but still couldn't connect. If I must use DSP 2.0.0 I currently send the Artist and Song Title metadata to the TuneIn Air API via the "Now Playing Tool for OtsAV". Is it possible for the SHOUTcast YP directory to use the metadata sent to TuneIn?

Further, can the file to trigger the 2 minute stopset be a Station ID less than 2 minutes long with the Advert: metadata in the Artist and Song Title fields? This file would then trigger the 2 minute stopset for those listeners in the ad countries while the remaining listeners would just move on to the next song. After the 2 minute stopset the listeners in the ad countries would then be rejoined at whatever point the current song was playing at. Alternatively could the trigger file be a song over 2 minutes long (with the Advert: metadata ) so that listeners in the ad countries would just hear ads for the first 2 minutes of the song and then be rejoined to the song after the stopset?

Thanks for any help.
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