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well we need to work out what the cause of the issue is so we're going to have to look at things from both sides (as i'm not sure which side is at fault for the issue). though as others are using the Source DSP to the same DNAS setup (including Renaud), there has to be something specific about your setup / connection to the DNAS which is causing an issue.

as you mention it also happens with a different ISP connection, i'd also have to start wondering if some sort of A/V or firewall on the machine being used is causing an issue. as we've definitely got a record of the connection being made from the Source DSP to the DNAS

so the main thing from the info tool report is that you've not applied the required plug-in updates (link is in my signature). there are also a number of unofficial dlls in the root of your Winamp folder which i guess are from some 3rd party plug-ins you've previously had installed but i don't see those being directly used (definitely not by anything official in the install).

we're going to try an update of the DNAS to something newer than the last public build to see if that helps with the issue. will update when it's been deployed for testing against.
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