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i don't know what the Centova setup has or hasn't done and i wasn't even aware of v2 working with the v2.x DNAS and it required v3 of Centova to work correctly with the v2.x DNAS.

the fix just has to be added to the config file used by the DNAS and the DNAS restarted (assuming the version of Centova you're using doesn't wipe custom edits of the file). you'll need to consult any Centova documentation on how to do that (the most i've done has been with Centova 3.x setup and i've no idea how much things have changed between the two versions).

the 462 error is mentioned in the part of the thread i linked to. if you really need to change the values associated with it (as the issue does not prevent listing unless bad data has gotten through), then you'll need to pm me the authhash(s) and the details you want changed.
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