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that fact koopa and I have already talked a bit about things and he'd made some adjustments means its easier for me (i he's having internet access issues) to be able to do some level of integration with things as-is.

and increasing the knowledge of both of the tools (as well as making it easier when there is an issue to get an info tool report, etc) is the reason for my wanting to get them usable from within Winamp directly as some form of child page of the main plug-ins preference page (though for BT, it might be better placed somewhere else, just not sure until time allows to get something implemented).

and with the possibility of breaking changes, definitely having easier info tool generation support within Winamp (only flaw is when it won't run and we then need to go back to what is currently done) should make things somewhat easier, but again is something i need to put some thought into (like with crashes, if the info tool is present, we could also have that run and be included in the crash report to get a better idea of things that the crash reports cannot provide at times).

so i don't view it as something for a needing to be posted with the above comment.
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