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So here is a 2.1 Beta 2:

Winamp Backup Tool v2.1 Beta 2:

- added backup/restoration support for BogProg NoFlush output plug-in settings
- added backup/restoration support for BogProg X-Fade input plug-in settings
- vastly improved and simplified translation system for 3rd party plug-ins (makes it possible to add new third party plug-ins without the need of language file updates)
- made that the default button for compression mode sets the compression mode to zip

Winamp Backup Tool v2.1 Beta:

- added the ability to create 7-zip compressed backup archives
- added an option to change the compression format to Backup path page
- made that the file picker in restore path page allows loading of *.7z files
- updated English and German language files to v1.5
- updated Copyright year
Still to do:

- add the suggested 3rd party plug-ins by Aminifu
- port the check from Winamp Info Tool if the the zip files are open in external programs like 7-Zip or WinRar to the Backup Tool
make default button for compression method work

That beta should run smoothly.
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