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then you use a plug-in that suits your needs or use a different player, it's really that simple. as everyone nowadays wants everything under the sun included in Winamp without having to mess around with plug-ins but then they also don't want the bloat and everything that goes with trying to provide everything and anything natively.

and what about the other ASIO plug-ins that have existed ? you want something that is effectively a niche plug-in and that is why such functionality will not be added natively to Winamp. if anything, it would be better to have a native WASAPI output plug-in, but that's also pretty unlikely to happen. i don't know what you're expecting from a new Winamp release, but it's not going to be much different from what there already is whenever that day eventually happens.

so if Winamp is not meeting your specific needs, then you need to use what is correct for you.
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