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Originally Posted by altae View Post
But apparently it is time to abandon ship for me since there is no intention of listening to what longtime Winamp users would love to see in a improved version of Winamp.
i am now angry.

you have absolutely no idea of what's involved with software development and that things can just be magically created in no time and without incurring any costs. and this is why I'd stepped away from the Winamp part of the forums as expectations of everything is unrealistic and i'm tired of it.

you want X, others want Y and everyone else wants Z. but with finite time and finite resources and what is important to most being different, there is no way to win and that's why ASIO will not be natively provided as it does not benefit the majority and the time and costs involved with developing native is not worth it.

that's why it won't happen.

that's why you have to rely on 3rd party plug-ins.

and if none of that works because ASIO output is a deal-breaker for you, then you have to move on and calling out about being a long-time user has no bearing on things - Justin, etc didn't implement a lot of things that other long-time users kept calling for over the years.

and that is why I stepped away from Winamp as people keep calling this emotional bull-crap and I'm sick of it. it's a piece of software, if it works for your needs use it, if it doesn't do something about it or use what actually fits you needs. and with that, I think my life would be better without this Winamp crap...
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