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The only one that is emotional is you. You are telling me that I have no clue of software development and the amount of work that is involved. That's just wrong, I know features are not created "magically" as you said. And I don't want things for free, I paid for Winamp pro and I would gladly pay once more if, and only if, development takes into consideration features that are important to users. If you think Winamp has a future by only supporting things mainstream users want then go ahead and see what happens. There is a reason why Winamp has actually become irrelevant. It used to be "The One" media player for Windows. And look what it has become. As strange as it must seem to you, there might be a reason for that massive drop in market share of Winamp. Have you ever thought about that?

Just so you know, I even donated for the plugin here. Not much as I haven't got a lot of money, but I gave something. But there is no point in this discussion, we are just abusing this thread.
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