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OK, so I have upgraded shoutcast to the latest version on my linux server but I get the next error:
2016-11-17 03:41:56 DEBUG [YP] pvt_add No entry for key=2
2016-11-17 03:41:56 DEBUG [YP] getAddUpdateBody add for key=2 [0]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><yp version="2"><cmd op="add" seq="1"><tstamp>1479346916</tstamp><url><port>9290</port><path>/</path><sid>1</sid><alt></alt></url><bitrate>64000</bitrate><samplerate>22050</samplerate><vbr>0</vbr><mimetype>audio/aacp</mimetype><sa>0</sa><pa>0</pa><peak>0</peak><maxclients>250</maxclients><authhash>*********</authhash><dj></dj><source>(Mozilla Compatible)</source><dnas> x86)</dnas><cpu>2/2</cpu><metadata><title seq="1">A Studio Feat Polina - S.O.S. (Skylark Remix)</title></metadata></cmd></yp>
2016-11-17 03:41:56 ERROR [YP] Request [] failed, code: 1 [Protocol "https" not supported or disabled in libcurl]
2016-11-17 03:41:56 DEBUG [YP] gotFailure Request key=2 cmd=0
Plase note: With the previous version, our station was listed without problems;
libcurl is installed and it does support https. Tested and retested.
Please help! I litteraly tried everything and nothing works.
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