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Winamp Android features/bugs discussion thread

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Because of the big amount of feedback related to Android support, we've decided to create a discussion thread, where all users can report bugs, ask for technical support or make feature requests.

If you report a bug or need technical support, always provide us the required infos.
Invalid or lame bug reports will be ignored.

The exiting threads related to Android feedback will be merged into this sticky thread, it's more easy for the devs to look into one sticky thread, instead of tons of threads spread all over the forums


There is now also a separate Winamp For Android forum.


----Original Post-----

Hi All!
Winamp for Android - GREAT JOB

...but, can You add "play folder", or "add files from folder"?
Non of android apps cant do this, maby Winamp will be the first one, it will be great!

Keep droiding
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