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-A List of Plugins: None 3rd party plugins
-PC or Motherboard: Gygabyte EP45-DS3R
-CPU & RAM: Inter E8400
-Sound card or chip: Creative X-Fi Titanium
-Videocard: GeForce GTX275
-Windows OS: Win7 x64
-DirectX version: DirectX 11
-Winamp version: 5.59 Build 303
-Installation type: Full

I also have HTC Desire with official Froyo 2.2.

I just wanted to report that I can't get the WiFi sync to work. I enabled it in the Winamp app, enable wireless (wireless connection works since I can send/receive files via ES File Explorer), right-click on the Devices and select Discover and it doesn't find the device?

I would also like to say that the player is awesome. I would suggest a few things:
  • Rename the Play Queue -> Now Playing (this will allow many more features with the queue similar like in the PC version)
  • Add an ability to queue tracks like on the PC version (so they get those small numbers besides them) and of course a simple play queue editor
  • Add an ability to sort now playing tracks by track name, artist, album, path...
  • Maybe ID3 editor, but that will probably overdo it ^_^

Keep up the good work this is already my default player now
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