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ive found that if you right click and disconnect on the device the wifiwinamp service continues to run but if you try to scan from the desktop again it will not find the phone. I will post a logcat later

also, the autofill seems to be grabbing all of my tracks in alphabetic order, not random full albums., and yes im using autofill and not sync

this new wireless sync and winamp music player is absolutely fantastic. you dont understand how amazing this integration is and how happy it has made me. the only thing left to let me die happy is a play count sync from the device back to my desktop and a star rating option on the phone.

i am using a rooted nexus one and i am pretty familiar with android so if you need anything specific for me to try anything let me know.

edit: yes please make the destination folder on the handset configurable, i do love me a clean sdcard

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