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I had started my own thread about my bug find for the android version but someone moved it to the wrong forum. So I will paste what I wrote in here:

I thought I would kick off my very first post with a bug that I found in the new Android App. I know this is still in beta, so hopefully this bug will get fixed in future updates. I have the Samsung Captivate running Android 2.1. I am using Advanced Task killer to ensure no apps are running when I am not using the phone.

With the corded headset attached to my phone and no apps running, I am talking on the phone to someone. Normally when I hang up I hit the little button on the cord. With the new app installed, if I hit the button, instead of the phone hanging up, it starts up winamp and begins playing what ever my last song was, I also no longer hear who I was talking to and they are still connected. Once I pause the music, the phone call resumes. The only fix I have to use till it is updated is to go into the settings in winamp and turn off the headset controls. The phone call should always take priority over the music. I have not tested whether the music will pause when a call comes in. I will look at that later.

Other than this bug, I really like the app. I use the desktop app all the time and it is great that they have made a android one. Let me know if you have ran into the same problem.
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