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Originally Posted by thedicemaster View Post
amirdt: that's because of how media files are handled by android.
on startup and when mounting an sdcard(inserting sdcard or disconnecting from PC)android makes a list of all music files on your sdcard.
when you open a music player, android presents it with this list.
All I can say is that other media players have that possibility, so I guess it is possible.

For example:
Meri dian, Options button->Preferences->General->Media Folders
Lithium Music, Options button->Settings -> Restrict SD-card content to: [ ]
Mixzing, Options button->Settings -> Select Music Folders

I guess when the music player is started, and it gets the list from the Android system, the player can loop on the list, and filter out files that do not reside in the configured root folder...

Note that some music players enable the selection of multiple root folders, I think that selection of one is more than enough, and it will also resolve the issue of setting a target sync folder.
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