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Originally Posted by djgreek View Post
I don't mean to sound funny, but I am sure this site is legal to allow a licence , but being the
internet how would one know this is is legally allowed to do this.

thoughts would be good
It's pretty easy to contact the Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) to confirm the coverage. All indications are that StreamLicensing has the required agreements, as does LoudCity, Live365 and Loudcaster.

So... If you're a USA broadcaster with a USA audience, any of the above places can offer you a place to broadcast that takes care of the legalities. Choice is definitely good.

However, if you're a Canadian or overseas (Europe, Asia etc) broadcaster, you should probably consult the laws in your own country because most likely you will need to deal with the PROs / collection agencies there.

Ultimately, if you're publically performing work you do not own the rights to, legal advice from a qualified copyright & intellectual property attorney is always a good idea no matter where you live. Penalties for illegal streaming are big, and in some places, getting bigger...
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