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ok, that would explain why it's not allowing client connections since the stream is trying to be public when there's no authhash to use - that basically puts the DNAS in an invalid state since to be public it needs to have the information from the authhash for stream name, etc. so if that cannot be obtained / is not present then it'll just refuse connections. maybe it should allow local lan connections in that state (definitely not public connections) though that would probably give the wrong idea that things are ok with it.

if this is only for testing, then for the source you need to change it to be private or set streampublicserver_2=never and do a config reload (via the option on server:8000/admin.cgi). if not you can just obtain a new authhash for the stream - though for your setup you would need to manually add streamid_2=2 to the config file first (is a bug in the current builds of the DNAS which is not doing that which prevents the added streamauthhash_2=xxxx from being seen).

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