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I just got this issue a few minutes ago.


I was upgrading last year's version (don't remember which one) to v5.64 ( -- custom install) in my updated 64-bit W7 EE SP1 machine. My LiveUpdated Norton 360 Online v6.4.1.14 told me c:\windows\system32\consent.exe wanted network access. I blocked it once and it kept asking for it. I denied it forever. Here is an example of an edited logged incident:
2013-06-20 18:20:31,Info,You blocked Consent UI for administrative applications from accessing your network resources.,Blocked,No Action Required,Consent UI for administrative applications,C:\Windows\System32\consent.exe,No Action Required,Block,"MyComputerName (my IP address), 59453","Outbound TCP, ldap"
You blocked 'Consent UI for administrative applications' from accessing your network resources.
I removed the blocked firewall rule, exited and relaunched Winamp without that incident. Weird! I wonder what the heck it was doing!

Did anyone see this problem with the latest version of Winamp?

Thank you in advance.

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