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Windows 10 (Using it here)...and a developer for Windows Systems; I can tell you that building applications for Windows 10 is very much like building them for Windows 7/XP (albeit some framework crap for xp).

VC++ is fully supported though, I really don't build applications with the C portion of development; I build in C#, F# and find that the development is much improved with release towards the unified experience.

I build unit tests, ui (one for legacy and one for modern) and the application logic the same as I have always done with the exception of the target and ui at compile time.

I build my apps like the following:
1. Core API
2. Modern UI
3. Legacy UI
4. Extensions

As both views (ui) work with the same core model of data and it's API; I haven't an issue with pushing towards either UI. Each the UI Views are only connecting up the various UI bits to the Core API; later this can mean publishing Web Services; WebAPI; REST; for SOAP Commercialization of the Core API by extending / changing the core API to fit a universal code runtime. Or some such nonsense. |
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