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playlists Not Saving... ever.

So, I checked the FAQ and the Greatest Hits, then did a search. No one has my specific problem. Ok. I have Win 7 64. I had installed Winamp when I first got the netbook, and everything was fine. I had no problems with it. Until I started having memory issues. I found Winamp was big, and so I had to get rid of it, sadly, and install Foobar2000 which took less memory.

I installed more memory and also tried to change my foobar skin and F'd it all completely up (its not easy to skin Foobar). So I went back to winamp just a few days ago. So, previously, when I had winamp before, I made a bunch of playlists. Psychill, Psytrance, Psychill Compilations, Psytrance Compilations, Other Stuff, Dave Matthews Band, etc etc you get the point. Each time I put music in a playlist, and then decide to listen to another playlist, I double click on the new playlist. Nothing is there. So I go back to the playlist I just had been playing.. and no music is in it.

What in the world?? Before when I had Winamp it saved everything I had in my playlists and I could switch around between them whenever I felt the need, and the music would still be there. Whats happening here?

I would appreciate some help.
Thank you,
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