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closing the library view will save it and with the build being used there's a 'save' button at the bottom of the library view which allows for ensuring changes are saved.

however, based on the screenshot, it's primarily the difference between a library playlist and how the main playlist editor works (which is just a temporary list of items that once you've added something into it, Winamp doesn't track where it's come from).

so a change in usage is most likely what's needed to ensure that what is done is correct for what is being wanted e.g. don't use the library playlists and just keep everything in the main playlist editor. or make sure the contents of the library playlist are visible and then ensure that those are worked with correctly (including force saving them as needed).

also it's not clear if the playlists are ones that Winamp has initially imported or if they're the actual playlists. as Winamp's library playlists can be used to either import and work with the imported copy and never touch the original external playlist or it can be made (when using the import option) to just use the external playlist which is helpful if other things need to modify said playlists as well.
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