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this might be heresy, but I've often found the way winamp handles playlists confusing.

imo, the "scratch area" playlist, meaning the one usually in the top right in Bento, should be called something else besides "playlist" b/c that confuses and conflates with the playlist editor in the ML area / tabs. in fact, I still don't know the proper names for each area, even though they are seemingly distinct from another, albeit related. this confusion comes up over and over again in the forums.

a playlist is to me, a static txt list/file which can be edited. so I would change the name of the area in the top right to "cue tracks" or "queued tracks" or "scratch tracks" or something like that. It would still have the same functionality, with just slight modifications to make it so that if one wanted to save it or load a playlist, they would have to import/export to/from the playlist editor. sounds complex, but it actually would be very intuitive, a single button to load (import) whatever is already in the editor, and a single button to save (export) whatever is in the scratch area to the PL editor (switching to that tab automatically). the scratch area then becomes an exclusively dynamic list in that it is itself not saved without first going to the PL editor, and there is now a clear and distinct difference in the mind of the user between "list of upcoming songs to be played" vs "an actual playlist / file / editor"

I realize this is likely going to be a very unpopular idea with DrO, but I just thought I'd address the conflation confusion. it seems like it never goes away.

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