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you're thinking skin specific and not about things in general, so you're right, i don't like your comment as it's not thinking overall as needs to be the case irrespective of the display of things by the skin being used. and what you refer to as the "scratch area" playlist is just the main playlist editor and acts as it's always done.

the crux of the issue is that people shouldn't need to know the difference between things and this pretty much goes back to how things were implemented to start with in 2.9 when library playlists were added and the main playlist editor was left untouched. thus the implementation is sub-par if there's confusion as is the current case (and has been for 11 years).

ultimately either the main playlist editor behaviour needs to be changed (i.e. some form of tracking back to the external / library playlist which would just make things more complicated and confusing imho unless a clean way can be found) or making it clearer that there is a distinction between the two. and what you've mentioned, can already be done within the library playlist views, it's just going from the main playlist editor that it's less clear (other than using the send-to menu or some variation of that).

but that all seems to rely on adding additional ui elements to make it more obvious and that's ultimately not possible due to limitations with most skin compatibility and right-click options people just don't find so it's all at an impasse as such.

and finally, the expected behaviour of the main playlist editor cannot really be messed with (as you're effectively proposing) as there's all of the users who never use the library and library playlists and so that's another area that needs to be considered before any sort of change could be considered. so it's not as simple a thing to change as you're indicating it would be.
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