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Originally Posted by DrO View Post

so a change in usage is most likely what's needed to ensure that what is done is correct for what is being wanted e.g. don't use the library playlists and just keep everything in the main playlist editor. or make sure the contents of the library playlist are visible and then ensure that those are worked with correctly (including force saving them as needed).

The way things were added over time has resulted in multiple ways to work with playlists. Once these are understood, it is not hard to pick a particular method to use and become comfortable with it, imo. Like in other cases, it just takes learning Winamp's way of doing things and not confuse yourself with expectations picked up from using other apps.

In cPro skins it is possible to have the playlist editor (PE) shown in different panels, but only 1 panel at a time. It was confusing at first to open the PE in one place and see it disappear from the panel it was already in. I kept trying to open 2 PEs at the same time until I realized that that is not possible (due to all the underlying tracking issues that would cause).

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