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So basicaly it depends what tab I have my playlist in, that makes or breaks the deal. So you're saying in just by creating a playlist and naming it something, and then putting music into it, and then not being able to keep switching back and forth between them, expecting them to still have all the same music that I put there before... is all just because I'm using the wrong part of the UI? This seems really confusing.

I realllly hate to do this, because I know there's a lot of Winamp-for-lifers here, who love and adore it, and I do too (uh apparently previous builds?) but I have to do this:

In Foobar2000 you create a simple playlist. In the only area where you can create a playlist. Then you put music into it. Then you create another one, and put music into that one. You then switch back to the first playlist and SURPRISE! the music is still there. And there's no confusion over different panels or making sure I'm in some main editor or library area or whatever...stuff like that. And I realllly hate to do this, as it will be extremely unpopular but please keep in mind I've been using Winamp since 2001. With the exception of half a year of Foobar, ok?

Do you see how there is just one panel, on the left, under the image, where the playlists are? No craziness, no other panels to switch to or make sure to put music into instead of a different one, etc? I could click a different playlist and music would be saved into all of them from the moment the music is put in.

If Foobar2000 can do it... why can't Winamp?
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