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because it's just not been coded to do it that way. that's why it's not doing it like it as this all pre-dates fb2k's existence (which you can thank one of the ex-Winamp devs for leading to Peter making his own player) as someone using Winamp since 2001 would know.

in Winamp it's all played from what is basically a temporary playlist and not what you select from the library view (especially when you'd got things setup to not show the actual playlists). whereas what fb2k shows as the playlist is that playlist since it's got a true multi-playlist setup instead of Winamp's 'main' + 'library' setup (since the library playlists were meant as a repository to load into the main one, edit and save back, not to be used directly as you want).

so the two players are implemented in completely different ways especially when it comes to where / how the playlists are treated and saved and so it's not a true comparison between one or the other. so probably fb2k is the better choice for your needs and we can put one more nail in Winamp's coffin as the chances of seeing it get the multi-playlist handling you want is pretty slim as things go with everything else needing to be re-done.
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