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Lame error

I usually stream in mp3. (192kbps, 24/7.) Software is Station Playlist Encoder.

A week ago, one of my stations encoders gave me an error message. I do not remember the exact words, but it was something about "lame_error". Anyway - stream was down.

What's even wierder was that the "mp3" choice in the encoder was gone, and I could not reconnect. To get the station back on air, I had to chose another format. ACC+, wma, wma pro, ogg was still a choice - but I could not chose mp3 anymore. It was gone, and not present in the drop down menu in SPL Encoder.

I couldn't find a way to fix this - so today I've copied the entire "Engine" folder from another running station.

That solved the issue - but I'm still wondering what happend. How can the mp3 choice just vanish like that? Anyone else seen this?
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