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I fixed it !!

Not that anyone really cares, but here's what I did:

First of all, the XML exported from my past Windows machine had three broken references for some reason to three tracks that had previously been sorted. Weird. Also, the drive letter needed to be changed in the XML file, so I had that right.

The big issue was this: The filepath C:\Users\{USERNAME}\My Music is NOT the correct path. It is C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Music. For some unknown reason, Windows displays that folder in Explorer as "My Music" when that confuses what the actual filepath really is.

Also, the XML files include a reference to a key and track ID, which are both identical to each other. For example, the 850th track in your collection would be key 850 and track ID 850. It does not matter in what order those variables / columns appear in. Just get your filepath right.

Smell ya later.
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