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Hi, T.Slappy! An interesting and necessary development, but ...

Very buggy application. It is impossible to properly create a dialogue, errors constantly pour in. Very similar to alpha release, but not final. Very sorry.

And What? Each time you run these messages. Changing the settings does not work (turn off the update, specify the path to the compilers). Nothing. When starting again and again, an error...


1) When creating a new project, you need to constantly choose between NSIS and Inno Setup. On the toolbar, you can make two buttons: Create NSIS and Create Inno. It is very simple and there is no need to make unnecessary movements. I can immediately choose which project to create.

2) When creating events for the Inno Setup project, a complete procedure line is added, unlike the NSIS project, where only the event name is added.

For Inno Setup (bad)

For NSIS (good)

3) When switching between the project tabs in the script preview panel, the contents do not change according to the selected panel. It is very uncomfortable. To see the scenario, you need to change the property of the control or move it.

4) Properties panel. Cannot specify multiple parameters for a property. For example. Property Anchor. I select several options:

But only one gets into the property !?

5) Instant compilation of the project in the TEMP folder when changing any property or moving the control on the form ?! Because of this, the program is terribly freezed. I think that compilation should be (and I think it is correct) only after the user gives the command (click Compile+Run or Usage button).

6) Settings dialog: Cancel button does not work. To close the dialog, click [x] in the dialog header. Very uncomfortable.

I still have a lot of remarks because of which I will not recommend your program for use.
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