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Recent issue connecting MP3 Lame encoder since upgrade to v 2.6.1

Prior to this upgrade, I was using OddcastV3 and encoding my stream at 128k using MP3 Lame, and had no issues connecting.

However, since my provider upgraded to this new shoutcast version, the MP3 Lame encoder can take up to 90 minutes to finally synchronize and connect, and when it does connect, the metatdata strings no longer get transmitted, so song titles are no longer received by my website or TuneIn. The only way around this is to use my stacker dll, and add the stand alone older Shoutcast DSP version 1.9.0. It connects immediately to the server, and metadata is transmitted as well.

I also noted that the MP3 Lame encoder will connect immediately if I use an encoder speed of under 64kps.

Is anyone else having these issues? Is there a fix in the works?
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