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and mine was a reasonable solution as you're wanting a 100% solution, but there is no such thing when it comes to blocking spam other than what i said. as no matter what is put in place, spam will get through.

and (you and others) don't need to make a mountain out of a mole hill out of something that is clearly documented as being known and acknowledged that it needs attention and to keep banging on about it.

yes there's spam and we know it gets through to visible posts at times, but people freaking out over the odd post / email notification compared to what is seen from a moderation/admin aspect is minimal (and what is seen behind the scenes is minimal compared to what it has been like).

and what gets through is no more than i've seen on other forums and is just a part of things in general. sure there's things that can and should be installed (as noted once again in this thread), but there are far more pressing things to be done on site back-ends than the forums for the time being with the small team that we have.

and i'm not bothered if my responses are seen as over-reacting / antagonising / annoyed, i'm just going with what everyone else is doing as clearly there's so much crap posts being made (along with so much spam), it's annoying me as well, but there's nothing i can get done about that issue.
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