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Originally Posted by svnpenn View Post
Truly, you are a frustrating person to work with. I know from personal
experience that the "WM/SharedUserRating" tag is used with M4A files.

You know how I know? Because I tested it beforehand. You would do well in the
future to know what you are talking about before posting.
are you really this big a jerk? I have done nothing but help you this whole time, and I know I know what I am talking about, which has been far more than you know.

what you are referencing is called a map. windows has mapped what it does on its own formats to other formats.

please, elaborate on this "test" u did beforehand. spell it out.

a m4a uses atoms for metadata. if you know so much, what is the specific atom that windows is writing when it writes a rating to m4a?

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