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well, imo, winamp should not write to such a hack. it should read it, so that users can get the ratings into winamp, and/or get them into a proper %rate% atom (by sorting and re-rating the files), but just because windows has indulged in this bad behavior does not mean winamp should respect it by writing to window's hack'd up solution (and/or figuring out how to do so reliably since windows is likely breaking the spec).

I am still curious as to where windows is putting this info, meaning if its not an atom, is it in the audio file header, or container header, or where? whatever it is doing, its a very odd thing for windows to do, (meaning not use even a made-up custom proprietary atom, but something outside of atoms altogether)

just FYI, the way windows created that stupid 0-99 scale for that attribute has caused problems with other formats as well. its why POPM now de facto uses 1,64,128,196 and 255 instead of a much more sensical 51,102,153,204 and 255 range, which would've allowed for proper granularity. MS uses 128 b/c that was closer to 50 than 153 was, in the MS devs minds, and that now is the reality we all have to live under.

btw, I am GLAD to have helped you.

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