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Originally Posted by Dr.Flay View Post
There should be no way to stop DrO working on WACUP unless he mysteriously disappeared.
Currently it requires a real full Winamp distro as the base, so no changes are in the Winamp original files.
Thankfully the new components are being released as open source where the licences allow.
Eventually all original components will be replaced and we then have a full separate and compatible Winamp clone.
So if the guy who had full access to the iTunes code left Apple in a huff and wrote an iTunes clone, u think Apple would just go "no problem"?

I don't think so.

This isn't how proper reverse engineering is done.

Maybe radionomy doesn't care, or maybe they are just waiting until he finishes to sue and demand ownership of his work, who knows? They are stupid and incompetent so anything is possible, but to say that there is no risk or no case is woefully off the mark.

So the vast majority of the work is being released as open source? That's a smart move. What few items don't allow it?

Also, if radionomy is no longer interested in a desktop client as u say, they should make the entire thing open source, regardless of wacup or anything else.

Originally Posted by gaekwad2 View Post
Count on a murkin to blame everything on foreigners, completely ignoring the state of winamp at the end of AOL's ownership.
Haha, fair point! BUT...

Are you saying ur happy with the job Radionomy has done???

AOL did it much better for much longer, no? Nullsoft b4 that...

Facts are facts, make Winamp great again!

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