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Yp connection issue (480). Help appreciated!!

After months (maybe even years!) of uptime, my stream just puked this evening, and I started receiving the following message in my sc_serv.log:

HTML Code:
2018-03-28 00:06:49     E       msg:[YP2] /yp/resp/updatefreq missing
2018-03-28 00:06:49     E       msg:[YP2] Connection attempt failed. YP2 error code is 480 (Cannot see your station/computer (URL: from the Internet, disable Internet Sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache.)
Also see screen shot of my admin panel:

Granted, I am using an older version of the DNAS (mainly because I have some custom scripts for displaying stream metadata that I don't want to break). So will I finally have to bite the bullet and upgrade, or is there something going on with YP? I didn't make any changes to the network config on my server, but it is hosted on a VPS so i won't rule out the possibility that it's a config issue on my end.

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